Mahisa Nikvand, Founder and designer of luxury jewellery brand, House Of MahNik.House of MahNik is an international jewelry company, established in 2013 by Mahisa Nikvand. Inspired by a sense of artistic wanderlust, House of MahNik creates unique jewelry that’s bold, yet wearable, modern yet timeless.

Mahisa designs her collections with the eye of an artist and the heart of a wanderer. She’s as comfortable gathering inspiration from early cinema’s flickering grandeur as she is taking cues from the kaleidoscope of fashion that spanned the 20s to the 60s. 

The possibilities awaiting expression in fine fabrics and stones excite her, as do the layered histories of the old cities she likes to wander through. This fascination, her styling background in movie production and her art institute education are all brought to bear on each piece of jewelry that leaves her drawing board. Each new object is the distillation of something personal. 

Mahisa has always been passionate about realizing her creations with the finest talent she can find, so all House of MahNik designs are diligently crafted from the highest quality materials using seasoned professional stone cutters and artisans. 

We source semi-precious stones, pearls, and pure precious metals from all over the world, to let Mahisa’s one of a kind pieces marry fine raw materials with modern design and the enduring glamour of middle-eastern culture.