House of MahNik Through the Lens of Vibrant Istanbul

You must already know that Turkey is one of world’s largest textile and garment producers, and that the glamour of the Middle Eastern culture is reflecting in the authentic jewelry pieces made here. 

The city's vibrant youthfulness with the creative local design talent with cosmopolitan vibe is aiming to develop Istanbul as a hub for high quality jewelry and fashion. And now I guess it’s pretty self explanatory what was the main reason about my recent move from Canada to Istanbul in order to be more focused on the production perspective of the whole HOUSE OF MAHNIK STORY.

The history of this city is embracing ornate and extremely artistic colorful jewelry using a variety of metals in order to fashion a piece of jewelry that instead of strict symmetry, is characterized by the prominent nature of the stone and metals, and that’s what House of MahNik jewelry is all about. The semi-precious stones, pearls, and pure precious metals adorned with gorgeous craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail inspired from early 20s to the 60s cinema’s flickering grandeur will surely warm you this fall/winter seasons with its ‘East meets West’ vibe. 

As the winter season approaches, it’s most likely to find the fashionistas huddle inside during this time of the year, likely sipping a strong cup of tea, so did we! Enjoying the almost-here festive season nestled in the comfort of my winter coat, accessorized with some GATSBY GLAMOUR jewelry has never been a better idea. 

As always I am curious to hear your thoughts about this city if you’ve visited already, as well as about the first winter days.

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